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Monday Music Rewind: Alice Cooper – Years Ago / Steven

Alice Cooper

This is a song from my past that has always haunted me. I was too young at the time this song was released (1975) to understand it’s meaning. All I knew was that the lyrics and the music accompaniment were creepy. Nonetheless, I would sit take the album from my older brothers collection of rock music and listen to it. I was drawn into the story.

There is a lot of misinformation about the song “Steven” and the album “Welcome to my nightmare.” Rumors have circulated that Alice Cooper (real name Vincent Damon Furnier) was molested by his father and left at a carnival, while others claim it’s about a father that kills his baby.

What we do know is that Welcome to My Nightmare was a concept album; the songs, heard in sequence, form a journey through the nightmares of a child named Steven. You cannot make sense of the song “Steven” without hearing the other songs in succession. This album shows why Alice Cooper was a master storyteller.

The best description of the song I found was this:  The song is an exploration inside the mind of a man (Steven) who is stuck psychologically at the age of a little boy (“I’m a little boy, No I’m a great big man”), due to some trauma (“all my toys are broken, and so am I inside, mom”). The song Steven is the “nightmare” he experiencesas he comes to terms with his past. As for dying (I don’t want to feel you die”), I think this is Steven dealing with the past. Young Steven has to “die” so that the trauma can be dealt with and adult Steven can move on.

Buy the song here. Buy the album here.

Monday Music Rewind: Ween

ween promo 1

Dean and Gene Ween of Ween.

Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween), the nimble-voiced frontman of the band Ween, recently announced the end of his band. The band which formed in the 80s had a good run. They had fluke success in 1992 with “Push th’ Little Daisies,” from their major-label debut Pure Guava. Buy Ween music here.

“It’s been a long time, 25 years. It was a good run.” – Aaron Freeman

Read more about their decision to quite here

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Monday Music Rewind: Fountains of Wayne

Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe

Fountains of Wayne is an American power pop band that formed in New York City in 1996. The band consists of members Chris Collingwood, Adam Schlesinger, Jody Porter and Brian Young.

Initially the band went by other names, including Are You My Mother? and Woolly Mammoth, before settling on Fountains of Wayne, taken from a lawn ornament store in Wayne, New Jersey. The store was located at the intersection of U.S. Route 46 and New Jersey Route 23,[3] not far from Montclair, New Jersey, the hometown of the band’s bassist and co-founder Adam Schlesinger. The store can be seen in The Sopranos episode “Another Toothpick” as well.

The store went out of business in 2009.

“Radiation Vibe” was the first single by Fountains of Wayne, from their debut album also titled Fountains of Wayne. It was released in 1996. It remains my favorite FOW song.

Buy this song here.

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Monday Music Rewind: School of Fish

School of Fish was an alternative rock band which formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1994. Their self-titled debut was released in March 1991, followed by their first single, “Three Strange Days.” You can buy it here.

This song is timeless to me and brings me back to a perfect time of my youth.

I only recently learned that singer Josh Clayton-Felt died on January 19, 2000 at 32 of testicular cancer. Sad.

Guitarist Michael Ward went on to play with John Hiatt and eventually became a member of The Wallflowers.

Enjoy the trip back to 1991.