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A police shield used by French Police during a shootout with terrorists inside the Bataclan Theater

shield was used by French Police when they entered the Bataclan Theater

This “military” shield was used by French police was hit 27 times.

This shield was used by French Police when they entered the Bataclan Theater to rescue the victims and stop the carnage. Despite taking withering fire (27 rounds), the police continued charging the terrorists until they were shot dead or detonated their suicide belts.

Next time you hear someone criticize law enforcement for having, displaying, or using  “military” equipment, show them this picture and thank God that they do.

Bataclan Theater crime scene

A photograph of the theater hall reveals the bloody horror that unfolded when terrorists opened fire on concertgoers at the Bataclan. Photo Credit: Mirrorpix

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Marines tell Army to stand-down on camo

Marine Digital Camouflage Fabric

Marine Digital Camouflage Fabric

Apparently the Army is considering different camouflage patterns for a new set of uniforms for the troops. The older Universal Camouflage Pattern has been criticized as ineffective in the field. The MARPAT (Marine Pattern) shown in the picture is one design the Army is considering, but the Marine Corps are claiming the uniform is their property and that Marines should be distinguished from other soldiers. They don’t want the Army to steal their look.

I think the Marines have exercised a major lack of judgement here. Choosing what is effective in the field and saving lives trumps vanity and pride every time. Stop this nonsense, and pick the camo that’s right for ALL of our soldiers.

If you want to see a full list of military camo patterns around the world, click here. Click here for cool military supplies, clothing, and gear.