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I’m into nuggets y’all

We all know about companies leveraging YouTube to get in front of their customers again. This couldn’t be truer with brands that are targeting youth. Marketers know that success has been made creating a genuine word-of-mouth dialogue about brands through user-generated content. Those who get it understand that it is a short-lived, but powerful tool. Many will take a stab at it and fail miserably. Some will get lucky … like McDonald’s did this summer with these two tools. However, some people think “it’s the most annoying commercial ever” and insinuate that it isn’t “quality” content.

What naysayers don’t understand is that this UGC spot wasn’t created for adults or for people who take advertising too seriously. It was created for teenagers who eat fast food a hundred times a week. It was created to be entertaining. McDonald’s is doing the smart thing by using it on for its TV spot without altering it and or polishing it up for television. I saw it this morning at about 6:30 at a time when students are sure to be getting ready for school. It’s not genius; it’s just good strategy.