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Most Hated Words of 2011

Every year, Michigan’s Lake Superior State University asks people which words and phrases have been so overused that they should be essentially banished from the English language. The school just released their list for words that should be banned from use this year.

Here’s the list. 

  • Amazing
  • Baby Bump
  • Shared Sacrifice
  • Occupy
  • Blowback
  • Man Cave
  • The New Normal
  • Pet Parent
  • Win the Future
  • Trickeration
  • Ginormous
  • Thank You in Advance
I would add “epic,” “fail,”  and “throw under the bus.” How about you? What phrases and words do you hate?

Top 10 misused English words

My wife is a bit of a grammar Nazi, so I think she will appreciate this cartoon. Here is a list of the Top 10 misused English words.  (via)

Top 10 misused English words