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Twins begin to prep Target Field to honor Killebrew

The Twins have begun to prep Target Field in honor of Harmon Killebrew who died today from cancer. More pictures will be coming, so check back.

Target Field Harmon Killebrew Tribute

Target Field will honor Harmon Killebrew (Source: Minnesota Twins)

Goodbye Mr. Killebrew

harmon killebrew

Source: AP

I wasn’t alive when Harmon Killebrew played baseball. I know what he meant to the game and to Twins fans across Minnesota though. Today the Minnesota Twins announced Twins great Harmon Killebrew has entered hospice care.

**UPDATE 5/17: Mr. Killebrew has died of cancer at the age of 74. So sad…

“I am very comfortable taking this next step and experiencing the compassionate care that hospice provides,” said Killebrew. “I am comforted by the fact that I am surrounded by my family and friends. I thank you for the outpouring of concern, prayers and encouragement that you have shown me. I look forward to spending my final days in comfort and peace with Nita by my side.”

May God be with you and bless you Mr. Killebrew.

Killer Facts:
 – Harmon Killebrew ranks #11 among the Top 50 all-time at 1B.
Harmon “Killer” Killebrew hit more home runs than any other right-handed batter in American League history.
– Signed originally as a bonus baby, Killebrew rusted on the Senators’ bench for five years from the age 18-22, before getting a chance to prove his power.
– He immediately slammed 42 homers in his first full season, the first of eight times he would reach the 40-mark.
– He retired with 573 homers, more than 2,000 hits, 1,500 RBI and 1,500 walks.
– He ranks 5th in the category of “Most times walked intentionally with no one on base.”
– Killebrew exhibited a calm demeanor and professional attitude. He was never, not even once, ejected from a game.
– Killebrew reportedly hit several balls over 500 feet, and is credited with one of the longest home runs in Tiger Stadium history (May 2, 1964), as well as one of the longest blasts in Minnesota’s Metropolitan Stadium… Hit three homers in September 21, 1963 in the first game of a doubleheader.
(via The Baseball Page)