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James Morrison performing acoustic cover Gangsta’s Paradise

Source: Dave Hogan/The Sun

James Morrison performs an acoustic cover of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise on Australian radio show Fifi and Jules. People who like to play along, chords are: G#m – Fm – G – Cm. Buy James Morrison music here.

Here is the original version by Coolio.

Buy this song here.

Monday Music Rewind: Ginuwine – Pony

This morning on twitter, the trending topic was #throwbacksongs. Scrolling through, I noticed most of them were hip-hop. It reminded me of the hit “Pony” from Ginuwine. In case you are wondering, the song isn’t about a Pony. The song must have helped in the bedroom too. He has 8 children.

Pony was released as a single from his first LP, Ginuwine…The Bachelor, in 1996. Watch the video below. Buy the song here.

The band Far has a nice rock cover of this song too.