Words to get rid of in 2020


As we turn the calendar on a new year and enter a new decade, let’s reset our vocabulary. Here are words and phrases that need to be banished from American society in 2020.

    1. Journey – We don’t give a s*** about your journey. Shackleton journeyed to Antarctica. Your recent breakup wasn’t a “journey.”
    2. Personal Brand – You aren’t Oprah. You aren’t that big of a deal. Quit being a douche.
    3. Woke – We’ve hit peak woke. We get it. It’s meaningless now and has become a joke to say “woke.”
    4. Yeet – Stupid word that never had staying power to begin with. Just stop.
    5. Finsta – We already know your Instagram is fake as hell. No need for a word to differentiate.
    6. Clapback – I will be applauding when this word is pulled from circulation.
    7. Adulting – Cute at first, but then grown-ups ruined it by using it too much.
    8. AF – If you must use it, just spell it out.
    9. Bae – Quit pretending you have a BF.
    10. On Fleek – Punch anyone who says this.
    11. No Chill – You sound like a moron. Especially true if you are over the age of 30.
    12. Goals – Here’s a goal for you. Shut down your social media. Your followers are disappointed.
    13. Basic – You are basic if you are still using this word.
    14. Fire – Stop, drop and roll on this stupid-ass word.
    15. Savage – Ctrl+Alt+Del
    16. Lit – Okay bro… Bounce anyone out of your party if they say this. Make them take their Axe Body spray with them.
    17. Snowflake – Can we just go back to calling people “pussies?” No? Okay.
    18. Fake News – No explanation needed.
    19. Canceled – You were told at the end of 2018 to stop using it, but you didn’t listen.
    20. Throw shade – We know there is a lot of shade in your parent’s basement. Time to grow up.

What did we miss? Any words you’d like to see go away in 2020?


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