Gilligan’s Island Pinball Machine

Gilligan’s Island pinnball machine from April 1991, manufactured by Bally Manufacturing Co. I think I need this.

Gilligan's Island Pinball Gilligan's Island Pinball 3

Gilligan's Island Pinball

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2 responses to “Gilligan’s Island Pinball Machine

  1. You are soooo lucky.


  2. They had one of these for at least 15 years at the local Holiday Inn–we went there pretty much every Sunday, after church, for the breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. I can remember when it was new you still got 2 plays for a quarter, and 5 balls per play, but it eventually went down to I pay and just three balls for the same quarter. Haven’t been in the place since 2006 (it was still there then) so for all I know it remains in the same corner of the same depressing game room.

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