Another ridiculous flash mob marriage proposal

This dude really loves this chick.

Here are some videos that show why public marriage proposals can be a bad idea.


5 responses to “Another ridiculous flash mob marriage proposal

  1. Craig, I can’t wait to see what your wedding reception will be like. I hope you have tape rolling for that as well. Good luck brother….


  2. Craig Jones

    Thanks switching the link J.J. I’ve been told I set the bar way too high by most of the guys in my office. So, I told Allison to to expect much else from me in life ever again. Haha, thanks again!


  3. Okay Craig. Link changed. Question: Do you realize you set the bar way to high for yourself too early? How will you ever top this during your marriage? Good luck and remember, marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.


  4. Craig Jones

    And, it’s true, I do really love that chick!!


  5. Craig Jones

    Thank you for posting about my proposal, however this video was stolen from me and is not the original. Here is the link to the original video: If you wish to keep the video on your site, would you please switch the link so that the work is attributed to the right party. Thank you again.