Man hands out fetus dolls for Halloween

From WSBTV 2: Some parents who attended a trick-or-treat event in Loganville say they were offended by what some children got with their candy; a doll resembling a 12-week-old fetus.

Man hands out fetus dolls for Halloween

The man who handed out the dolls, or fetus models, is Joshua Edmonds, senior minister of ‘Project: Ignite’, which he describes as a Christian social justice organization.

He believes those who were offended misunderstood his message about life, and that he did not mention abortion during the event even though his organization is against abortion.

“We’re still trying to understand where the offense is at,” Edmonds said.

Watch the news story here.

Can someone go punch Joshua Edmonds in the face? This idiot needs to find another way to share his views on abortion. Although abortion is horrific, Halloween should not be a time to hand out political messages.

Get some REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups next year or keep your lights off.

2 responses to “Man hands out fetus dolls for Halloween


    Social justice my *ss. He needs a big Christian dose of Mind-Your-Own-F*cking-Business.


  2. How creepy are these things?