How Adriana Lima prepares for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show


Adriana Lima in all her finery. Photo: Circe Hamilton

Most models would have you believe they eat whatever they like – “I eat burgers and French fries!” they protest, as if they fall out of bed every day looking like a magazine advertisement. Industry people know that’s not true, and so does supermodel Adriana Lima. Too bad most women don’t seem to understand these models are freaks of nature.

Adriana Lima’s fashion show preparation starts weeks in advance. Other than working out twice a day, here’s some other things she does to prepare.

She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body’s muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima’s energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show, she will drink only protein shakes – “no solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show, she will abstain from the daily gallon of water, and “just drink normally”. Then, 12 hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely.

“No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that,” she says.

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