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10 disturbing facts about David Koresh

booking photo of David Koresh

Source: Wikipedia The booking photo of David Koresh

On this date in 1993, the stand-off at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas ended after 51 days. David Koresh, 54 adults, 21 children, and 4 ATF agents died in the event which remains controversial to this day.

10 Things About David Koresh
1. His real name was Vernon Howell. He Changed his name to David Koresh “for publicity and business purposes”
2. Seventh-day Adventist‘s banished Koresh because of his divisive behavior and distorted views of their doctrines.
3. Koresh was born in Houston to a 14-year-old single mother. He never met his father (big surprise).
4. By the age of 11, he allegedly had memorized the entire New Testament
5. Koresh acknowledged during the standoff that he had fathered more than 12 children by several “wives”, some of whom were as young as 12 or 13 when they became pregnant.
6. Autopsy records indicate that at least 20 Branch Davidians were shot, including 5 children.
7. Steve Schneider, Koresh’s right-hand man, is said to have shot Koresh and committed suicide with the same gun.
8. Koresh was in a band. Several of David Koresh’s albums were released including: David Koresh Voice Of Fire in 1994. Waco: Playing With Fire (The Actual Voice of David Koresh) was released in 2000.
9. In 2004, Koresh’s 1968 Camaro with a 427c.i. swap, which had been damaged by the military during the raid, sold for $37,000 at auction.
10. On January 23, 2009, Koresh’s mother, Bonnie Clark Haldeman, was stabbed to death in Chandler, Texas. Her sister, Beverly Clark, was charged with the murder.

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