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FBI 10 Most Wanted List

FBI — Ten Most Wanted

FBI — Ten Most Wanted

On this date in 1950, the FBI unveiled the first ’10 Most Wanted List.’ Knowing that the public could be vital in helping them solve crimes, it was created to build awareness of the bureau’s most challenging cases.  See them all here.

Fast Facts:

  • Nearly 500 fugitives have appeared on the list over the last 60 years.
  • Serial killers Andrew Cunanan and Ted Bundy as well as James Earl Ray have been on the list.
  • Osama Bin Laden and James ‘Whitey’ Bulger are currently on the list.
  • FBI asks all fifty-six field offices to submit candidates for inclusion on the list. Criteria: Must have a lengthy record and current pending charges that make him or her particularly dangerous.
  • The only way to get off the list is to die or to be captured.
  • Only eight women have appeared on the Ten Most Wanted list.