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Excused from Sex Ed for Religious Reasons

zoo gorillas


Trump better deal with these Muslims before they start killing us!

trump killing muslims

Thanks for wrecking my appetite

The 24 -hour news cycle has us comparing presidential candidates to sandwiches. But seriously, Marco Rubio is clearly the Cuban sandwich right?



The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas


A police shield used by French Police during a shootout with terrorists inside the Bataclan Theater

shield was used by French Police when they entered the Bataclan Theater

This “military” shield was used by French police was hit 27 times.

This shield was used by French Police when they entered the Bataclan Theater to rescue the victims and stop the carnage. Despite taking withering fire (27 rounds), the police continued charging the terrorists until they were shot dead or detonated their suicide belts.

Next time you hear someone criticize law enforcement for having, displaying, or using  “military” equipment, show them this picture and thank God that they do.

Bataclan Theater crime scene

A photograph of the theater hall reveals the bloody horror that unfolded when terrorists opened fire on concertgoers at the Bataclan. Photo Credit: Mirrorpix

Jeff Liberman‘s post

What is a Veteran?

what is a veteran

Donate to help disabled Vets. Visit

The Simpsons new this day would come

The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would run for president.

simpsons donald trump


Here’s Donny!

Donald Trump and The Shining


Bernie Sanders on Vets

Bernie Sanders on Vets

The Safe Harbor Initiative

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Have you seen any blue strips painted on street curbs in front of homes and businesses? If you haven’t, you will soon. A Texas man named Anthony Welichko started what is now known as the Safe Harbor Initiative by spray painting a small blue strip on the curb in front of his house. That strip is to let officers know the person occupying that home or business has their back and appreciates all they do for the community.

There are a lot of bad cops out there, but the majority are good and just want to do their job without being called a racist or without the fear of being killed. Let’s hold them accountable when they cross the line, but show our support as well.

safe harbor sripe