Rumblr – A new app for those who want to fight random people


Dude on the left looks like he needs to get his ass kicked.

Walking around with a chip on your shoulder? Maybe you took a few lessons at National Karate and want to try out some “real-world scenarios.” Maybe you had a few beers while listening to Limp Bizkit and just want to break something.

A new (real) app offers “casualty-free casual fighting for free,” borrowing smartphone dating technology to match complete strangers for a showdown.

Users get a profile pic and list their stats, including “MMA specialty,” to potential matches.

“Pro-tip: Tell your match what you don’t like about their picture,” the website reads.

The app also features a chat function allowing users to “heat up” after arranging a fight and a filter for female and group fights. Video technology also allows people to broadcast a fights’ location so others can gawk – or perhaps become accessories to – the action.

This should go smoothly…

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