The AquaDom

The Aquadom

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The AquaDom is part of Sea Life Berlin. In Sea Life Berlin, visitors discover 30 tanks containing local species from the River Spree to the Atlantic Ocean. The highlight of the tour is a ride through the AquaDom, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, where a multitude of tropical fish reside in one million litres of saltwater.

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AquaDom facts:

  • The aquarium is habitat to more than 1,500 tropical fish and over 50 different species, including trigger fish, hogfish, humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), blowfish (Tetraodontidae), surgeonfish (Myripristinae), soldierfish (Tetraodontidae) and swarm fish, like Cero mackerel (Scomberomorus regalis) and Silver moonfish (Monodactylus argenteus).
  • The height of the AquaDom is 25 metres.
  • The aquarium is made of acrylic, with a thickness of 16 cm on the top and 22 cm at the bottom.
  • The acrylic cylinder has a height of 16 metres and a diameter of 11,50 metres.
  • The water level is 14 metres.
  • One million litres of Berlin water enhanced with 33 tons of sea salt (salt content of 3,3 %) is circulated every hour (7 filter/ 2 pumps are circulating 600 m³/ hour – nearly the whole volume of the aquarium).
  • Water pressure is 2,4 bar.
  • The two-story glass elevator inside the AquaDom (5 metres high/ weight of 25 tons) has a capacity of 48 people, including one guide.

Does anyone know if you can pay to scuba dive in this thing?

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