LowerMyBills.com banner ads are slowly killing me


Okay, so when I first saw this banner ad, I was slightly amused because the little cowboys were dancing in rhythm to the Tupac song that was coming from my PC. But after I had viewed this banner 2 gazillion times and multiple and equally crappy versions of it, I wanted to drop-kick someone. Seriously, I can’t let it go. I think they are shaving days off my life.

According to national news and blogs everywhere, the LoweMyBills.com ads are loathed by people everywhere, yet we are still clicking away on them. The company, one of the largest internet advertisers out there, crapped on the internet with $74 million dollars worth of ads in 2006 (according to TNS Media Intelligence), and they don’t appear to be slowing down.

Annoying advertising isn’t going away unless we stop responding to it. The guys at LowerMyBills.com are laughing their way to the bank, and they didn’t have to hire an ad agency to do it. Simply put, simple repetition and saturation will generate leads, but is it worth people hating you? I guess it is. Experian paid nearly $400 million to buy the company in 2005…

And a word of caution to you web marketers: Don’t try to steal their creative. NextTag got bitch-slapped in court to the tune of $200,000 for their fancy Photoshop work.

2 responses to “LowerMyBills.com banner ads are slowly killing me

  1. download the AdBlock Plus application for your browser. And don’t tell me you’re against it on moral grounds.


  2. The Lowermybills ads ARE really annoying. It started with the cowboys and now it’s dancing women and girls. WHEN WILL IT END. People, Stop checking them out. They won’t lower your bills anyway. It’s just another scam so ignore the ads and maybe they’ll go away.