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My bike for the Tour Le Mans

Think this bike is regulation? Continue reading


No thanks, I’ll just poop my pants

A bathroom with a view. Continue reading

Spotted at an indie coffee shop

A special toilet brush holder. Continue reading

Welp, I’m about to ruin a perfectly good pair of underwear

and this picture is why. Continue reading

Clever Baby Announcements

Tell your family and friends about your pregnancy like these couples did. Continue reading

Take your poo to the loo

A bizarre public awareness effort to keep people in India from dumping in the street. Continue reading

The proper way to poop

A sign that should be posted in every stall. Continue reading

Biker Urinal

With a throttle flush. Continue reading

A bathroom with a cool place to poop

Bathroom design with a toilet atop a 15-story elevator shaft. Continue reading

The story of Tom Brusko

Watch this story about a homeless man in Oakland. He may have did this to himself, but he’s hurting and that sucks. There are millions like him across the U.S. Maybe this will encourage you to not look away next time you see someone like him.
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