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Crazy kid jumps car

Watch a video some crazy dude jumping a car tha is coming at him. Continue reading

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Man Nearly Dies on Frozen Highway

This is why you stay in your car after an accident. Continue reading

Korean Man Launches Wheelchair Down Elevator Shaft

Crazy Mr Lee video. Continue reading

Watch this dude narrowly escape a shark attack



Guy vapes Carolina Reaper juice

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME Continue reading

At least they used their turn signal

Idiot decides to make a pretty unsafe lane change and we all get to enjoy the consequences. Related: 92 year-old crashes into 9 cars in parking lot 2 Cars Crash Behind a Live News Shot Baby flung from car … Continue reading

Podcast – NEWS: Bill Cosby, Weird News, Fat People, and Internet Hoaxes

Navigating nonsense with recent strange news, Frank’s BMI, Facebook, and the worst defense for rape EVER. Continue reading

Podcast Season 1 – Episode 8 – Part 2

The new drug Flakka, the Ashley Madison hackers, and new music from Billy the Fridge. Continue reading

11.5 foot Great White Shark Attacks Cage Divers

The divers caught the beast with their GoPro camera of the coast of South Africa. Continue reading