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Let’s Cook!: Baking Bad Cookbook

Breaking Bad-Themed Cookbook by writer Walter Wheat. Continue reading

Jesse Pinkman’s house is for sale

The famous house from the hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ is on the market. Check out this price! Continue reading


At the safe house

Breaking Bad Continue reading

Walt gives Hank the wrong DVD

Bryan Cranston before Breaking Bad Continue reading

August 11 will be a good day

Breaking Bad returns. Continue reading

Jesse Pinkman’s Car For Sale

The Toyota driven by Jesse on the hit TV show Breaking Bad is for sale. Continue reading

Just dropped out of my cooking class

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Valentine’s Day Card

True love. Continue reading

Robert De Niro’s audition tape for the Godfather

Language NSFW Continue reading

Bryan Cranston makes an appearance at Comic-Con

This is the moment when Bryan Cranston took off his Walter White mask at Comic-Con 2013. Continue reading