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Banksy, on advertising

Banksy, on advertising nothingness. Continue reading

Sexist retro advertising

Some examples of sexist advertising over the years. Continue reading

Inventive Outdoor Advertising

Great examples of outdoor advertising and ingenious billboards. Continue reading


Super Size me!

McDonald’s had an unfortunate error on some of their bus advertising recently. Continue reading

We are Fallon

The ad agencies of Minnesota come together and pay tribute to a man who made turned Minneapolis into a respected advertising town. Continue reading

Terrifying for those who don’t speak Dutch

Advertising for Dutch baby food product would not go over well here in the states. Continue reading

Foap Faux Pas

Complaints, issues, and why the photo selling app should be avoided. Continue reading

Alaskan Air doing it right

Cool plane graphics. Continue reading

Woman’s Hair Ad Interacts with Subway Trains

Cool digital advertising taking place in the subways of Sweden. Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer creates Super Bowl Ad

Jamie Casino bought the entire two-minute block of local advertising to set the record straight regarding his brother’s death in 2012. Continue reading