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Wolfman 1969

R.L. Allen painted these scenes of Universal Studios Monsters. Continue reading

Bear and wolf meet on misty swamp

Amazing photo of two animals introducing themselves. Continue reading

Giant Wolf Eel caught from Alaskan fishing boat

Teminds me of the movie Tremors. Continue reading


A reason not to hike through the woods at night. Continue reading

Wolf Girl

An 11-year-old Thai child in Bankok was just named by the Guinness World Record’s as the world’s hairiest girl. Her nick name is Wolf Girl. Continue reading


Cute wolf picture. Continue reading

The truth about Siberian Huskies

Buyer beware. Continue reading

Homeless Vet’s Makeover Turns His Life Around

Jim Wolf’s makeover at Degage Ministries was captured in a time-lapse video. Continue reading

Do the curtains match the carpet?

Yikes. Continue reading

Huge caterpillar

What’s the wingspan on this chubby caterpillar when it’s done doing the metamorphosis thing? Continue reading