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DiCaprio Appears to Work for the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation

Leo’s Russian doppelganger. Continue reading


Russian canned Herring

Bon appetit. Continue reading

Russian soldiers sing 90s hit “Barbie Girl”

Russian soldiers sing Aqua’s 90s hit Barbie Girl as military cadence during their training march.


In Soviet Russia waldo finds you

Ruh roh. Continue reading

Russian Police Choir Covers Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

Wow. Just wow. Continue reading

Russian Tampon Commercial

The Russians don’t need images of women playing tennis, wearing white pants and riding around on horses all day to sell tampons. Continue reading

Russian Dashcam Near Death Experiences

These people are so lucky to be alive. Continue reading

Russian Pirate in 3,2,1…

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Meanwhile in Russia

This is a Russian Orthodox priest giving a blessing over a pile of guns. Continue reading

Crazy Russians climbers at it again

My sweaty palms are making hard to even type out this post. Continue reading