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The risks of action photography

Look out! Continue reading

Photography and framing shop

Shoot the Kids. Hang the Family. Frame the Wife. Continue reading

Celebrities Who Have Posed for the Playboy Cover

When Playboy announced that it was no longer going to show nude photography, men around the globe who “really juts liked it for the articles” were beside themselves. Now, news has surfaced that Pamela Anderson will be on the cover … Continue reading

Junkyard cars

I would love to go here and just walk around. Continue reading

VERSKOTZI – “Sleepless One”

Cool new jam. Continue reading

Are You a Narcissist?

Take the Narcissistic Personality Quiz. Continue reading

Lions in the rain

They look kinda pissed. Continue reading

How’s that Arab Spring working out for you?

Billions in aid to the middle east and the film that has made them cranky. Continue reading

Monday Music Rewind: Dada

The song “Dim” is from the album Puzzle (1992). Enjoy. Continue reading

Sign Language

Retro sign photography by Marc Shur. Continue reading