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21st Century Parenting

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Parenting advice

If you can’t say something nice… Continue reading


Parenting at home vs in public

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What I’ve learned after a year of parenting

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Parenting: Am I doing this right?

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Parenting Fail at a Laundromat

Couple put their baby in a machine to scare him, but it quickly became no laughing matter. Continue reading


Join the listeners who are flocking to the newest podcast from Minnesota. Gen Xers, J.J. Bugs (creator of and his childhood friend, Frank, have created a politically incorrect podcast that is sure to make a little pee come out. … Continue reading

5 Minnesota Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

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Parent Demands All Neighborhood Halloween Candy Be Allergen-Free

Parent posts signs around neighborhood demanding “responsible parenting.” Continue reading

Dad Hack: Batting Practice

All you need is a fishing pole. Continue reading