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A picture of Michael Jackson holding a huge pair of underwear with doves on his wrists

I have no words for this. Continue reading

Your new favorite Michael Jackson photo

Michael Jackson drinking vodka with midgets. Continue reading

What the hell is Janet Jackson wearing?

Her comeback world tour started in Vancouver, Canada this past week and we now know she forgot to bring her wardrobe specialist. Continue reading


Monday Music Rewind: Somebody’s Watching Me

If you are wondering if Michael Jackson is singing on this song, you aren’t alone. Continue reading

Did this really happen?

Did Michael Jackson really drop the puck at a pro hockey game in 1984? Continue reading

“The Way You Make Me Feel” Cover

Kawehi lays down all the backing tacks and nails this Michael Jackson cover. Continue reading


Photo: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin. Continue reading



Old photo of Michael Jordan dunking. Continue reading

50 Amazing Facts (For People Who Enjoy Amazing Facts)

Cliff Clavin 101. Continue reading

The best beatboxing you’ll ever hear

His name is Tom Thum. Continue reading