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UK comedians and their U.S. look-alikes

Wow, I never realized on some of these. Continue reading

GOP look-alikes

The republican presidential candidates have uncanny resemblances to some people in Hollywood. Continue reading

Celebrities who look like Presidents

These stars really look like some of our former Presidents. Continue reading

Chad Smith looks like Will Ferrell

Separated at birth? Continue reading

Skrillex is basically Corey Feldman

Don’t you think they look alike? Continue reading

Jerry Seinfeld is basically Rick Santorum

They kinda look alike. Continue reading

Justin Hawkins is basically Tiny Tim

Justin Hawkins, lead singer of The Darkness, is basically Tiny Tim. Not only do they kinda look alike, they sing alike. Check it out. Continue reading

Did this really happen?

Did Michael Jackson really drop the puck at a pro hockey game in 1984? Continue reading

Have you ever seen Smash Mouth, ICP, and Guy Fieri in the same place?

All three look so alike. Check it out! Continue reading

Pretending to be Macklemore

Look-alike showed up in character at the rapper’s concert last Saturday to mess with fans. Continue reading