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Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding

Exclusive photos of the wedding reception, the bride, and his baseball friends. Continue reading

Gale from ‘Hunger Games’ is basically Joe Mauer

I couldn’t stop thinking about this the entire time I watched this movie. Continue reading

Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Joe Mauer just got engaged to his girlfriend Maddie Bisanz. Here are a few items from his wedding gift registry. Continue reading

Baseball in Minnesota

1 foot of snow doesn’t stop the Twins from playing ball. Continue reading

Rethink those strapless bridesmaid dresses

Looks can be deceiving. Continue reading

FOUND: The lost son of Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell

Yep, I see the resemblance. Continue reading

Angry bride in 3,2,1…

Oops! I don’t have rice in my hand. Continue reading

Have you ever seen Smash Mouth, ICP, and Guy Fieri in the same place?

All three look so alike. Check it out! Continue reading