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Hunting for Prince’s secret vault of unreleased music

The BBC has come to Minnesota in search of the truth. Continue reading

Hunting woodcock like a boss

Hunter in the field catches a woodcock with his bare hands. Continue reading

Blending in

Can you find the bow hunter? Continue reading

In the heart of duck country caption

Typo in Minnesota newspaper gets a bit explicit. Continue reading

Timing your advertising

Dentist takes current news of Cecil the Lion to talk to his potential customers. Continue reading

PETA Calls For Minnesota Hunter to Be “Hanged”

Story of Minnesota dentist who killed a protected lion has shut down his office and went into hiding. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Card Idea

Maybe you’ll get one of these? Continue reading

Help find suspect in murder of a 1 year old child

Brooklyn Park Hunting Reggie D Harper. Please help police find him. Continue reading

It’s bad when dinner eats your lunch

Sleeping deer hunter. Continue reading


Bummer Birthmark

Deer hunting Continue reading