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Parent Demands All Neighborhood Halloween Candy Be Allergen-Free

Parent posts signs around neighborhood demanding “responsible parenting.” Continue reading

Weatherman’s amazing Halloween Costume

Making good use of the green screen with a skeleton costume. Continue reading

Halloween Decoration DIY

Police officers must hate Halloween. Continue reading

Just found my dog a new Halloween costume

You can dress your dog up like a zombie for Halloween. Continue reading

Cecil the Lion Killer Halloween Costume

You want to be the talk of your upcoming Halloween party? Continue reading

Blow Up Doll Halloween Mask

Make people cringe when you say “Trick or Treat” this Halloween. Continue reading

Edward Snowden Halloween Costume

Trick or leaks. Continue reading

The Minnesota Halloween blizzard of 1991

We can smile at the photos now, but the storm of 1991 in Minnesota was scary. Continue reading

Is this the most inappropriate Halloween costume for 2014?

Too soon? Probably never okay. Continue reading

Cool home Halloween Light Show

Light shows here working to the tune of Sail by AWOLNation. Continue reading