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Amazing ice fishing catch

What kind of lure did he use!!!??? Continue reading


Man saves sea turtle tangled in a fishing net

Intense video of a man quickly working to rescue a sea turtle tragically wrapped in a fishing net. Continue reading

Here fishy fishy!

via Cool shark things Shark attacks

How to prepare your boat for fishing

A photo demonstration of how to outfit your fishing boat for a long day on the water. Continue reading

Watch this grouper eat a shark while some guys are fishing

Goliath grouper eating a black tip shark in one bite off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida. August 2014. Continue reading

Goldfish “Baby” Flavored Crackers

I wonder what these taste like? Continue reading


Jellyfish dating life struggles

Love can sting. Continue reading

VIDEO: Fish grabs a man’s arm

One of the craziest fishing videos I have ever seen. Continue reading

Shark Bait Fishing Video

These fishermen just hit viral video gold. “I GOT THAT ON CAMERA!!! I GOT THAT ON CAMERA WHOO!!!” Continue reading

Reeling in a fish when suddenly

Grab the net! Continue reading