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Trying to take drunk people home be like

This picture says it all. Continue reading

Drunk people getting hurt

No better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a compilation of drunk people getting hurt. Salute! Continue reading

Drunk guy staggers in a big circle then eats pavement

That whole equilibrium thing when you are drunk is a bitch. Continue reading

Interview with a drunk monster truck fan

Internet gold right here folks. Continue reading

The Walking Drunk

Not be confused with The Walking Dead.

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Husband records his drunk wife telling a joke and animates it

This will make your day. Continue reading


Drunk Texting

How to tell if you’re the one. Continue reading

Drunk as a dog

Bad dog. Continue reading

VIDEO: Drunk Vikings fan topples down some rows of seats

WARNING Explicit Language. Continue reading

Preventing drunk driving in a very shocking way

The latest campaign to discourage drink-driving certainly seems to be having the desired effect, with many left shocked by a brutal new advertisement. Continue reading