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Creepy Uber Driver

Jonathan. No thanks, I’ll walk. Continue reading

Creepy floating city captured on film in the skies over China

Many theories exist, but science may have the answer. Continue reading


Creepy old cereal commerical

Eat breakfast with that demon clown that lives in your closet. Continue reading

Family flees home after creepy letters from ‘The Watcher’

“Have they found what is in the walls yet? In time they will.” Continue reading

Same Creepy Love Story: Old Lady vs. Young Lady

A grandmother’s romantic love story from her youth seems a whole lot creepier when it takes place in the modern world. Continue reading

Some seriously creepy notes from kids

Your little one is so adorable and innocent right? WRONG! Continue reading

Creepy Dad of the year award

What is he trying to communicate here? Continue reading

Creepy abandoned mansion

The plan now is for condominiums. Continue reading

The creepiest of creepy family photos

This dude’s face will haunt me tonight. Continue reading

Mrs. Doubtfire trailer recut to look like a creepy thriller

Peter Javidpour takes Mrs. Doubtfire and rearranges it, making Robin Williams’ character looking like a creepy psycho villain. Continue reading