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Crazy video of wrestler jumping from mall balcony into ring below

Video of incredibly risky wrestling stunt during a mall performance. Continue reading

2 crazy videos of adults saving kids

Here are 2 videos that show near miss accidents that could have been disastrous. Continue reading

Crazy Dashcam Videos

You will not believe your eyes. Continue reading

Rawcus – White People Crazy (Official Music Video)

Before you get all pissed and start saying this is racist, ask yourself if you take yourself too seriously. Continue reading

Videos of Russian’s doing crazy things

When it comes to YouTube, Russian’s are pushing the envelope like no other. Here is a collection of videos that fall into both categories. Continue reading


Shocking response from officer as screaming crazy woman rushes him

Watch video with volume to appreciate the full batshit craziness. Continue reading

Jay Z ATTACKED by Beyonce’s Sister Solange [FULL VIDEO]

Surveillance footage from the elevator where the fight took place. Continue reading

Kiss’ Smash Hit ‘Beth’ Spoofed in Hilarious New Video

The historically inaccurate parody of the song’s inspiration. Continue reading

Strange and Crazy news

Wow, just wow. Continue reading

Crazy Russians climbers at it again

My sweaty palms are making hard to even type out this post. Continue reading