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Cops in Minnesota Delivering Christmas Toys

Police officers from around the state of Minnesota put on a nice holiday light display delivering gifts to Kare 11 TV for Toys for Tots. Continue reading

Cops Shows Us How It’s Done

Cop clears the shopping carts in the parking lot of Big Lots. Continue reading

Some cops are awesome

Don’t let a few ruin your opinion of all. Continue reading

Moron drug dealers get paranoid trafficking and call 911 on themselves

You have to hear it to believe it. Continue reading

18 Things Not To Say To A Cop

Here is a quick list of eighteen things not to say to a cop and the responses you should expect. “Well, I know the Chief of Police” Really, well you two can discuss this ticket when you hang out next. … Continue reading

The Safe Harbor Initiative

A small blue strip on the curb in front of his house is all you need to tell cops you support them. Continue reading

Speeder – “No wonder you people get shot!”

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fl sheriff’s office posted this dashcam footage of a driver being pulled over and cited for going 31 mph over the speed limit in a school zone this past week. Continue reading

Weird News Link Dump

Here are crazy stories you might have missed. Continue reading

Lady gets unruly on United flight

Crazy lady comes unglued when cops haul her away for not putting her growling dog in its carrier. Continue reading


Send lots of backup code 3

This traffic stop is going to get sticky. Continue reading