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Proof Every AC/DC Song Ends The Same Way

With song endings, as with pretty much every other component of their signature sound, AC/DC have found a formula and stuck with what works. Continue reading

The AC/DC Hokey Pokey

Comedian Jim Breuer hilariously explains how AC/DC could make the Hokey Pokey completely awesome. Continue reading

AC/DC’s new song ‘Play Ball’

If it looks like AC/DC and sounds like AC/DC, then it’s probably AC/DC. Continue reading

Reports say Malcom Young very ill; AC/DC might call it quits

Click here to learn more about Malcom Young’s illness. Continue reading

ADHD shirt

Funny AC/DC inspired ADHD shirt. Continue reading

6 songs interrogators might use to make you come unglued

6 songs interrogators might use to make you come unglued. Continue reading