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Happy Birthday IKEA

Here is your cake. Continue reading

IKEA remakes scene from ‘The Shining’

Late night shopping may never be the same again after you watch IKEA’s homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic. Continue reading

It’s a little too quiet at IKEA me thinks

Prank ingredients. Timers. Continue reading

A map of IKEA

Study it, keep it in your wallet, and remember that this map may save your life one day. Continue reading

Testament cover of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy

This Testament cover of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” is sure to melt your computer speakers. Turn it up! On a side note, I almost like Chuck Billy’s vocals better on this song than Hetfield.
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Random Duck Duck news

Restaurant employee gets fired on 9/11, IKEA, Guns n Roses, Old people, and weird (but true) facts. Continue reading

Record northern pike story lives on

If you have received an email or a link to a story about a record nothern pike caught in Canada or America, click here. The story is a hoax, and the truth can be found here. Continue reading