Food police now targeting hot dogs

Evil Hot Dogs
Yes folks, this is happening. The food police are at it again. This time they are erecting billboards near venues that sell a lot of dogs. A billboard, located near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, from the Cancer Project of the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reads, “Warning: Hot Dogs Can Wreck Your Health.” The headline is accompanied by an image of a cigarette pack filled with hot dogs.

So how many packs of hot dogs are you up to per day?

2 responses to “Food police now targeting hot dogs

  1. I know! What’s next right?


  2. It does seem extreme to put up billboards like this. For that matter, sodas, ice cream, and pizza rolls could just as easily garner such “labels.” I do agree with PCRM that eating a steady diet of processed foods full of chemicals can lead to health issues, and maybe even cancer. However, I don’t think we should put hazard labels on all such food products… especially in the U.S. Ironically, we do have the freedoms in this country to do many things including eating what we want – even if it puts us in poor health.

    However, given the current state of health care costs, it might be something that could be a consideration for coverage. If someone eats double cheeseburgers with a 44 oz. soda at each meal, how could that affect insurance coverage or costs if that person needs a triple bypass as a result?

    I believe fully that PCRM has everyone’s best interests at heart. As a former junk food addict, I know my health issues that resulted from it could have been prevented had I eaten more healthy over the years (and to make it clear, I’ve always been thin). They are trying to help people avoid ending up like me and many others – getting sick or even dying as a result when it could be prevented from simple diet changes.

    I don’t see any problem for anyone eating hot dogs, just be aware of the potential risks of continual consumption and do so in moderation I think is really the message.