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Congrats… Its Twins

You’re welcome.

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America’s 10 Most Miserable Sports Cities


How does a team make their fans feel miserable? Losing a lot is one way. But so is the tease, building up their hopes before letting them down. Teams from these 10 cities have toyed with their fans the most over the years. Misery points are awarded for postseason records – the later you lose the more points you get – supplemented by other factors like fewest championships per season and the length of a city’s current championship drought. Candidates are limited to those cities with at least 75 cumulative MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons.

No. 9: Minneapolis
Teams: Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Lakers, Wild, North Stars

Championship Round Record: 7-8
Semifinal Round Record: 12-18
Seasons/championships: 184/7
Last title: 1991
The Vikings were 0-4 in Super Bowls long before the Bills were.

I needed therapy after the 2009 Vikings season.

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Metrodome 1982 – 2013


Image: 1982 Fleer sticker card (back)

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The Twins retirement gift to Mariano Rivera

Last night, the Minnesota Twins gave retiring Yankee pitcher Mariano Rivera a rocking chair made with bats he has broken over his career.

mariano rivera rocking chair

Cool gesture, but I still hate the Yankees.

R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball in slow motion

I still can’t believe this dude was a Twin and they couldn’t get the best out of him.

RA Dickey


Hunter Pence bat breaking in slow motion
Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan?

Toronto Blue Jays close in on R.A. Dickey trade with New York Mets: Griffin (thestar.com)

Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding

group photo

Joe Mauer got married over the weekend to his girlfriend Maddie. Congratulations Joe.

Here’s a link to Dustin Morse’s Instagram. Also in attendace at Joe and Maddie’s wedding were current teammates Brian Duensing and Glen Perkins, and former teammates Jesse Crain and Orlando Hudson.

Thanks for sending David K.

Cool Minnesota Twins gifts here.


Gale from ‘Hunger Games’ is basically Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Twins Trade Denard Span to Nationals

The Nationals announced that they acquired center fielder Denard Span from the Twins for minor league right-hander Alex Meyer. Alex Meyer is a 6-foot-9  right-hander selected 23rd overall by Washington in the 2011 draft. Twins fans should be excited. This guy is known to be a power pitcher with a lot of upside. Twins owners better check the height of their dugout though.

alex meyer

Jeff Roberson/Associated Press


What do you think?

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Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan?

Eddie Vedder a Twins Fan

Eddie Vedder with some kids sporting a Twins hat at the Seattle vs. Twins game over the weekend. Source: DuckDuckGrayDuck

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder is an avid Cubs fan. For years, however, he called the Red Sox his favorite American League team. Not anymore. When former general Theo Epstein bolted for the Cubs over the offseason, Vedder dropped his Boston fandom and switched allegiances, calling the Twins his favorite AL team.

Is being a Twins fan Gods way of punishing Vedder for Vitalogy?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms: Twins Sequel is On.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms: Twins Sequel is On.

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Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Maddie Bisanz

Source: Larry Brown Sports is 99% sure this is Maddie in the picture above.

Joe Mauer got engaged over the weekend, and rumor has it that he tore several ligaments when he got down on one knee to propose. The Twins catcher, proposed to fellow Cretin-Derham Hall graduate Maddie Bisanz who is a nurse, so I’m sure he’s in good hands.

So what do you get a baseball player with a $184 million contract? Here are some things that might be on his gift registry.

  • A pair of gold-plated crutches
  • Bilateral leg weakness cream
  • Clairol sideburn hair color
  • A diamond encrusted Medical ID Alert Bracelet
  • Drew Butera (to walk down the isle on the big day if Mauer isn’t 100% after the rehearsal dinner)
  • Steroid infused wedding cake 
  • Abbott & Costello’s Who’s on First DVD  
  • A wedding band designed to look like a World Series Ring
  • The classic game “Operation” by Hasbro
  • A “get well soon card”
  • A travel sized x-ray machine

All kidding aside, Minnesotans are happy for you Joe. Hope you can make it past first base on your wedding night.

Shop Twins and Mauer gear here.

What else do you think is on his registry?