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Zach LaVine’s reaction to joining the Timberwolves

Zach LaVine

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Pro armwrestler vs Pro bodybuilder

A friendly arm wrestling competition between bodybuilder Daniel Racoveanu and arm wrestler Ion Oncescu.

A shirt for those who lettered in theater




Hockey in Canada

Hockey in Canada

Peyton And Eli Manning Made A Rap Video

Thanks Junior

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rutgers Coach Physically Abuses Players During Practice

Rutgers coach

AP Photo via ABC news of coach Rice

Rutgers University fired men’s basketball coach Mike Rice this morning after ESPN aired a web gem of him shoving and kicking players while berating them with gay slurs. See the video evidence below. Full Story

Hooters Ballgirl Interferes With Baseball Still In Play


We forgive her.

Sean Connery solemn fist pump

Sean Connery

When Andy Murray became the first Brit to win a Grand Slam in 76 years with Sunday’s victory at the US Open, the level of awesomeness was so great that Connery had to acknowledge it with a solemn fist pump.

The backward bowler

Bowling average of 184 and a high game of 279. He does it all throwing backwards.

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This is the line for Florida Marlins tickets

In case you are wondering, the Marlins are a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL team. The same team that had the lowest attendance ever recorded at a MLB baseball game.

marlins baseball
Photo via (@joecapMARLINS)

Thanks Junior

Here is a photo of the stadium with about 300 people in attendance back in 2011.