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Lysol saving marriages back in the day I guess

Lysol saving marriages


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

I want to clone you

Clone You


This is hands down the best parody Twitter ever

50 Shades of Grey. Follow them here.

50 a 50 5 50 4 50 3 50 2 50 1

Effective Advertising

If you think your fedora is all the protection you need, think again.

Durex ad


More Durex ads

Dude in yoga pants prank

“You staring at my butt dude?”

Thanks Corey S.

Other prank videos


Contraceptive Options‎


Product placement 101

Protect yourself from VD on VD.

valentines dayvia

Shop Target.com

Depicting Super Heroes

male superheros



Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Lev

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