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50 Cent’s awkward first pitch

50 cent

Congratulations to Carly Rae Jepsen, the Cincinnati mayor and countless others, as there might just be a new contender for the worst opening pitch.

Rapper 50 Cent threw out the first pitch on Tuesday before the New York Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field, but it wasn’t pretty.

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Straight outta Footlocker

via Cinematic Wasteland

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Lizzo – The new Minneapolis music artist you need to be following

Photo by Garrett Born

Photo by Garrett Born

Want to be the cool kid that “discovered” some awesome new music before they got big? Look no further than Minneapolis rapper/singer Lizzo. The group just-released their debut album, LIZZOBANGERS, and it’s packed with some impossible rhymes and serious hooks.

The track is called “T-Baby,” and you should probably check it out below.

Official Sitetotallygrossnationalproduct.com/artists/lizzo

Hump Day

Hump Day

I’m spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.



eazy e


C’mon Coolio. The Fantastic Voyage has come to an end.


Coolio: The Ghetto Gourmet
James Morrison performing acoustic cover Gangsta’s Paradise

Ice Cube in high school

Picture day was a good day.

Ice Cube in high school

Download yourself some Ice Cube here.

Jennifer Aniston and Chaz Bono in High School
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Mac Lethal raps about the Westboro Baptists and the tragedy in CT

Thank you Mac Lethal.


DMX does us the honors of spittin’ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Wasn’t that great. DMX should be the spokesperson for Mucinex.

Buy DMX music here.