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Watch a huge group of ants work together to carry away an worm.

ants worm

Buy an ant farm here.

How to Deal with the Death of a Wildebeest




Lions in the rain

Lion Rain

Photograph by Michael Nichols

When you see it

Those are not ducklings.



Couple’s very close encounter with a bison caught on camera

This video is AWESOME, and the expressions on their daces at the end are hilarious. Filmed while visiting Yellowstone.

Huge caterpillar

What’s the wingspan on this chubby caterpillar when it’s done doing the metamorphosis thing? 6/12 – UPDATE: A reader much smarter than me pointed out this is a grub, not a caterpillar. So this thing will stay nasty.



Giant Wolf Eel caught from Alaskan fishing boat
Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines
The Lions Mane jellyfish

Photographing Bears

The best picture of a bear I have seen in awhile.

bear photo

Seriously, what are you suppose to do in this situation?

Nature photographer suck getting his head licked by a deadly animal. What would you do?
cheetah licks photographers head

Save the frogs!!!!!

Motivating advertisement for the Vancouver Aquarium. 
Save the frogs!!!!!