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Spotted at an indie coffee shop

Is this a Crappuccino??

Indie coffee shop


When I ask for mayo at Subway…


When I ask for mayo at Subway...

Aunt Lou Lou’s 102nd Birthday

Blowing out candles at this age can be hazardous and hilarious. 

Faces of Meth

Faces of Meth

Thanks Junior

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Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar of TrueStoryASA prankster team scare people on the street by making them think they shoot each other.

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Zoo warning sign

This means you Moms and your babies….

Perfect Zoo Warning

Bloodsport Band

blood sport gif

Song: Napalm Death – If Symptoms Persist

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Every single time

stomach sounds


The truth about Siberian Huskies

I’ve heard that Siberian Huskies is that they can’t hold their liquor and they get handsy in da club.

via TOSH and wolftyla

A gig is a gig

I didn’t know Creed was still touring.

garbage can gig

via CatsMob and TOSH