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George Brownridge correction

Newspaper ad

More funny headlines

Jumping a gate stunt goes terribly wrong

“Quit trying to show off loser” – The Gate

jumping gate gif


This refugee s*** is getting out of hand!

This refugee s*** is getting out of hand!

Caption needed


hand in the sky


Using someone else’s shower

someone else's shower

Everybody knows S***’s F***ed

A Canadian named Stephen Paul Tyler has wrote the world a new song called “Everybody Knows S**T’s F***ed.” I think we can all agree with that. He kinda lost me with the bullshit about us blowing up the Twin Towers to go to war, but it’s a catchy little ditty. Warning: Language (like you didn’t already know).

Oh, and here he is performing this song on the street.

Showing this site to new people

Showing this site to new people


Cats: A Love Story

Cats: A Love Story

Pretty much like every relationship I had in high school.

[via Echtlustig]

Stripper transformations before and after make-up

The last one is the best.




Nature Valley Granola Bars

Nature Valley Granola Bars