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Edward Snowden Halloween Costume

Trick or leaks.

Edward Snowden Halloween Costume


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Italian Status Update

Italian status update

4 in 10 Americans Hate Math

hate math


Let’s Cook!: Baking Bad Cookbook


Let’s Cook!: Baking Bad is a Breaking Bad-Themed Cookbook by writer Walter Wheat. Buy it here.

Funny or Die spoofs the 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman video


Funny or Die promptly spoofs the 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman video that went viral this week.

Watch it here.

Here is what happens when you illegally download music

stealing music

Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

You can do these too. Go buy an air horn here.

Enjoy more prank videos here.

San Francisco Tour Bus Guide Dropping F-BOMBS on Her Last Day of Work

tour bus driver

WARNING: This video contains offensive language.

A San Francisco tour bus guide went on a racist, profanity-laden rant against Chinatown and the Chinese as the tour bus was traveling through Chinatown. I was keep tracking of the F-bombs, but lost track after 30 or so.
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A People Trap

 People Trap

Ford pranks unsuspecting drivers at a car wash

Ford pranks drivers with some good clean fun for Halloween with a haunted car wash. I would probably need some interior detailing done after going through this.