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Ultimate Redneck Fails Compilation

Some people who might be missing a few vital genetic components.

Kelly Clarkson

I think their last jump shot was a little pitchy.

kelly clarkson

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When you are riding with a white family and a rap song comes on

white people

Miss America 1924

Hairbrush invented: 1925

Miss America 1924via


What I’m Reading

Everything you need to know about the goth scene. Buy here.

everything you need to know goth scene

Just dropped out of my cooking class

hide the sausage


Breaking Bad Cookbook
Coolio: The Ghetto Gourmet
Other funny books

Hockey player getting clothes-lined by his own stick

Player leaving the ice owns himself with his own hockey stick.

hockey gif

Beware of reflections

Sir, can you angle this a bit better? I am having trouble following the storyline.


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Jazz Addicts

I think they have group meetings for these people right? Asking for a friend…

Jazz Addict


Drumming Cat

cat drummer