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Awesome viral Subaru ad

In what appears to be a viral Subaru ad, a woman runs over a dog with her car. Then something unexpected happens.

Wait for it…


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customers also bought


A very bad day for this FedEx driver

That was the funniest thing those dogs have probably ever seen.

Other funny FedEx stuff

Weird News Links


‘Noah’ Screening Canceled After Movie Theater Floods
Police Quack Home Intruder Case
Woman Arrested After Allegedly Pooping In Courthouse Elevator
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Hoarders’ home in Texas filled with more than 100 cats
Dude Chopped Off Hand With Homemade Guillotine. Learn why.

MARK-GODDARD guillotine

Free Ice Cream

free ice cream


Funny Cocktail Names

bar, drinks, cocktails


Scared like a mofo



Dude gets owned by a street sign

Take that 21


A zoo in India posted this

zoo india


How to make trash day more exciting

garbage day

Thanks Corey S.

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