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The thing about inspiration

The only true thing you may hear all day.

truth inspiration



He spent the rest of the night complaining how someone spilled beer on him

You are your own worst enemy.

drunk dude


You think this guy is drunk? You haven’t seen these photos then obviously.

Beware of little dogs

warning death


Buy this sign here.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Worst Live Performance Ever)

Having some fun clowning on Imagine Dragons.

The Fresh Prince of C-SPAN

I still enjoy a good prank call every now and then.


spelling bee


The original YouTube comments section

youtube comment OG

via thewhatever

More bathroom graffiti 

When I wake up naturally vs with an alarm clock

alarm clock wake up



Carpet alarm clock

Before alarm clocks, people could do this

Chicken or Egg answer

It’s an age-old question: “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

chicken egg

Thanks Steve

ALF cat sandwich

ALF cat sandwich


ALF first aired on September 22, 1986 and ran until June 18, 1990. Buy it on DVD here.