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When someone is taking way too long to take my picture

Check out these other cute dogs

Monkey Business

Monkey Business


Here are some other great monkey posts.

Instigating a cat fight with a laser pointer

Instigating a cat fights with a laser pointer is hours of fun. Buy one here.

laser pointer cat gif

Homemade zip-line test run

This dude was panicking…

zip line fail


Wanna see a pastor zip-line into his congregation?


New words you should be using

Here are some of my favorites.

dudevorce texting hiberdating destinsia columbusing

masturdatingkeyboards afterclap dopplebanger ephinot  askhole

Thanks Frank via Daniel Dalton – http://bzfd.it/1Q6gRLw


Husband-Jokes-02 Husband-Jokes-03 Husband-Jokes-04 Husband-Jokes-05 Husband-Jokes-07via 22 Words


Food trucks for cannibals

Food trucks for cannibals


Spotted at an indie coffee shop

Is this a Crappuccino??

Indie coffee shop


When I ask for mayo at Subway…


When I ask for mayo at Subway...

Aunt Lou Lou’s 102nd Birthday

Blowing out candles at this age can be hazardous and hilarious.