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Free Ice Cream

free ice cream


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Little League

Little LEague baseball


Baby weeps while watching parent’s wedding song slideshow

Mom shows her 2-year-old their wedding slideshow accompanied by the song, “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. This was the response she had. She now starts to cry every time she hears this song. Adorable.

4-year-old Jackson crying at A Great Big World’s “Say Something”

This four-year old heard the song come on, so Dad changed it. But the kid wanted it back on for some reason. So now we get to see the first moment that he has been “moved.” Pretty adorable.


Ask your doctor today if “NOT HAVING KIDS” for you.

Warning for parents with a daughter

This dude exists and is out there undoubtedly getting creepier by the second. Show this to your daughters and tell them he will be on the news one day. Please share with other parents. Sorry for the daymares. 

Teacher doing it right


Think about this next time you visit your favorite pizza joint

This was given to a waitress.



How to tell your kids the dog died

Breaking the news

Weight class = Berserk

This little wrestler means business. “I forfeit.”

I forfeit