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You won’t believe what this cop was caught doing on his own dash-cam

You see some hilarious things inside of a squad car when reviewing police dash-cam footage.

Thanks Junior.

Buy the song “Shake it Off” here.

Playing Slayer on toy instruments

Guys from Pasquale Custom Guitars play Slayer on toy instruments.

Thug Life

Song: Fake ass bitches – Tupac

Three Grandmas Get High For The First Time

A video of three grandmas getting high for the first time. It is a G-D delight to watch.

T Swift Shake It Off Fits Perfectly to 1989 Aerobic Dancercise Video

The catchy new pop hit “Shake It Off” from T Swift fits wonderfully with an old aerobics video. Check it out.

Thanks Junior

Download this single here.

Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

You can do these too. Go buy an air horn here.

Enjoy more prank videos here.

The Walking Drunk

Not be confused with The Walking Dead.

What Would You Do If A Kid Asked You For A Light?

How would you react if a 9 year-old came up to you and asked you to light his smoke?

Quit smoking. Try these.

How to Deal with the Death of a Wildebeest

Princess Cruises – Your Spouse Wants You Dead

Hilarious parody commercial.