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What happens when you bounce an over-inflated basketball


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Road Rage Karma

A woman in Tampa uploaded a video of a guy in a truck tailgating her this past Monday. Then he pulled up next to her and flipped her off, because he thought she was driving too slow. The stupid-ass grin on his face was soon wiped away as karma catches up and causes him to wreck out. Watch the video here.

Shock Video: Cabbie Terrorizes Passengers With Giant Snake

This is so wrong. I would sue the shit out of this guy.

Shot and Edited By Matt Cady

Colonoscopy prank

Can you believe the random objects I found in their colons? Colon Cancer is one of the few cancers you can do something about because it’s largely preventable when detected early! Talk to your doctor about when you should get screened. For more information, check out http://www.ccalliance.org

The Many Faces of Dog Shame

Owners confront their pooches with damning evidence.

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Want to hang out with Ben Affleck & Matt Damon?

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Feeling alone today?

Watching this video will help you realize things could be worse (like much worse). 

Video camera falls from plane and lands in a pig pen

It was found eight months later.

Seahawk fans destroy Bronco

Seahawk fans at Scrap-It, a recycling business in Ferndale, Wa., destroy a 1985 Ford Bronco, Jan. 29, 2014, painted in Denver Bronco colors.

Dressed as a bear prank

While visiting his friends The Dudesons in Helsnki, Finland, Youtube prankster Roman Atwood scares random people, with a man dressed as a pretty realistically-looking bear.