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Best Videobomb News Bloopers in YouTube History

Newsin’ ain’t easy.

Aunt Lou Lou’s 102nd Birthday

Blowing out candles at this age can be hazardous and hilarious. 


Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar of TrueStoryASA prankster team scare people on the street by making them think they shoot each other.

More hilarious pranks

Grandma knocks cellphone into fountain

“Make a wish, bitch.” – Grandma

grandma knocks cellphone into fountain

Lion opens car door

“Ackkkkk! Oh my gosh, I didn’t know they could do that!”

Mouse Trap Jenga

Exciting new Jenga game.



Devastating Video From a Seahawks Super Bowl Party

Due to the devastating nature of the video below, let’s throw out a NSFW language warning. Still, I would suggest you watch a bit of the video to get a feel for the highs, and then fast forward to the 8:00 mark for the payoff, the Russell Wilson interception.

via KFAN

You won’t believe what this cop was caught doing on his own dash-cam

You see some hilarious things inside of a squad car when reviewing police dash-cam footage.

Thanks Junior.

Buy the song “Shake it Off” here.

Playing Slayer on toy instruments

Guys from Pasquale Custom Guitars play Slayer on toy instruments.

Thug Life

Song: Fake ass bitches – Tupac