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Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

You can do these too. Go buy an air horn here.

Enjoy more prank videos here.

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The Walking Drunk

Not be confused with The Walking Dead.

What Would You Do If A Kid Asked You For A Light?

How would you react if a 9 year-old came up to you and asked you to light his smoke?

Quit smoking. Try these.

How to Deal with the Death of a Wildebeest

Princess Cruises – Your Spouse Wants You Dead

Hilarious parody commercial.

Husband records his drunk wife telling a joke and animates it

This will make your day.

July 2014 news blooper compilation

News be funny…

Guy pours a beer using his forehead

First of all, how the hell do you discover that you can do this?

(via Reddit)

Middle-school keyboardist struggles during Weezer cover song performance

Rubber Band Crash and Burn Weezer Cover

At a recent Rock Band Recital at Grosse Pointe Music Academy near Detroit, Henry Ayrault took to his keyboard with three of his fellow bandmates. Henry was the lead singer for the band’s cover of Weezer’s classic “Undone — The Sweater Song.” In the end, it was Henry who came undone. 

The Owl Whisperer

Man uses a Swiffer to remove a large owl that flew into his house. Warning: Language