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Free sex with strangers

French prankster Rémi Gaillard has some perspective sex with strangers.

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Dude in yoga pants prank

“You staring at my butt dude?”

Thanks Corey S.

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Washing a bloody car prank

This video is dated, but still funny as hell.

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Cab driver scare prank

Two poor young ladies step into a taxicab whose driver turns into a werewolf. High production = adult women wetting their pants.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Rejection Prank


Physics meet pranking

I knew that physics class would come in handy.

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Brazilian elevator ghost prank

Witness genuine fear on an elevator in Brazil, where pranksters put people through a terrifying ordeal. Let’s just say I would need a clean pair of underwear after going through this.

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Fun with laser pointer

Prank ingredients: 1 dog, 1 laser pointer, and 1 sleeping person.

laser pointer prank
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Broken iMac Prank

Watch what happens when you drop brand new iMacs on the ground, down stairs and off parking garages. These cost about $1600 new.

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Glade Prank

How to ruin someone’s day in 2 simple steps using a can of Glade.

Glade Prank