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Top Hat Cat

 Top Hat Cat




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Young love

young love

Chloe’s parents need an attitude adjustment

Chloe’s parents need

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Dance drama

Little girl leaves her heart on the floor.

Dancing gif



Bassett hound buffet

Bassett hound

Baby weeps while watching parent’s wedding song slideshow

Mom shows her 2-year-old their wedding slideshow accompanied by the song, “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. This was the response she had. She now starts to cry every time she hears this song. Adorable.

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

cat lady


You may kiss the bride

Little girls react to a wedding kiss.
You may kiss the bride


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What do your kids really think about you Mom?


Every mother questions their abilities as a parent. Maybe you are like many of these women who feel like they are falling short or not that good at it. Maybe sometimes, we need to ask the kids what they have to say on the matter. That’s what this video shows. Prepare to be a blubbering mess.

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