Never tie your shoelaces in Paris


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American Ingenuity

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Facebook you and real you

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wu tang


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LEGO’s Amazing Message To Parents Written In The 1970s

A message (allegedly) from Lego in the 1970s  surfaced recently, and is resonating today because of the powerful instruction for parents to allow their kids – no matter what gender – to let their imaginations run wild. Buy some Legos here.


Black Friday Deals this week!

Duck Duck Gray Duck is offering Black Friday deals now with Click the banner or this link, and start shopping today. 

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Mom left the note in son’s lunchbox

kids-notesHere are more kid notes that will make you laugh.

kids-notesCreepy notes from kids

Thanksgiving status update

Turkey Facebook


More Thanksgiving humor

VERSKOTZI – “Sleepless One”

New music and video for Joey Verskotzi’s new single called, “Sleepless One” off of the new EP “Waving.” Directed by Tony Franklin.

Joey Verskotzi: Sleepless One
Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Assistant Director: Stephanie Johnson
Produced by: Bobbi Peacock
Talent: Kevin Jay
Sound Production: Nick Mihalevich
Locations by: Charlotte Ariss
Creative Editing by: Mick Uzendoski
Lighting: Michael Handley/Tasty Lighting
PA: Alexanderrick Stevens
Thanks to Vegas Lounge
Thanks to Jacob Pedrazzini for the sweet car

WTF is this music video by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin?

This music video for “Chick Chick” by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin is all kinds of WTF. You have to just see it to appreciate the insanity.

Is this their answer to What Does the Fox Say?