Popeyes Yelp review

Popeyes Yelp review

The Browns



Kanye West and his CD player “sing” Bohemian Rhapsody

Kanye West Covered Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury and calls himself the “Greatest Living Rock Star.”

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Still not as bad as when he called out a fan from stage for not getting on his feet, only to realize the fan was in a wheelchair. 


Sex-related news blooper compilation

Funny news blooper compilation featuring innuendo, obscene weather maps, gaffes, and wardrobe malfunctions.

First Look – ‘I Am Chris Farley’ Documentary Trailer

A film about the beloved comedian who died in 1997 opens in theaters on July 31st. 

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When someone is taking way too long to take my picture

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Measuring Cough Syrup When You Are Sick

cough syrup

Easy boy

Dog breaks out of his crate and appears possessed.

Easy boy



UK comedians and their U.S. look-alikes

uk comedians and their US

STIHL Manscaping Kit

When it comes to beating back the bush, you’ll only need one.

STIHL Manscaping Kit

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