Proof the download is dead

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Jewelry Ad in India

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Car Paint Job

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Are You a Narcissist?


Narcissism is having a grandiose or inflated sense of self– being a “legend in your own mind,” and thinking that you’re better than other people or better than you really are.

Narcissism is a trait that most people have some of in their life, but when it reaches a certain level, it can be diagnosed as a disorder or condition, he said. There are certain signs that become more evident over time such as people always turning the conversation back to themselves, as well as an arrogant attitude, or a brazenness about self-promotion.

The trait appears to be on the rise– two thirds of college students in America in the 2000s had narcissism scores higher than the average student in the 1980s, he reported. Social media and “selfie” photography are newer tools that narcissists sometimes use to promote themselves or make themselves look good.

Take the Narcissistic Personality Quiz at PsychCentral to find out if you are a legend in your own mind.


Photos of the child Adrian Peterson abused

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A warrant was issued today for the arrest of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for child abuse. Continue reading


In what order?

death by electrocution

Goldfish “Baby” Flavored Crackers

goldfish baby

I wonder what these taste like?


Tongue Scraper

North Koreans refer to themselves as “the cleanest race” and that includes freshly scraped tongues. Each 7″ long plastic utensil will keep your tongue as fresh as Dear Leader’s!
tongue scraper


Okay, I’m done Googling now

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How to Deal with the Death of a Wildebeest