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50 Cent’s awkward first pitch

50 cent

Congratulations to Carly Rae Jepsen, the Cincinnati mayor and countless others, as there might just be a new contender for the worst opening pitch.

Rapper 50 Cent threw out the first pitch on Tuesday before the New York Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field, but it wasn’t pretty.

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A Snowball’s Chance in Brazil


The World Cup kicks off in less than three weeks and Team USA has a 259-to-1 chance of winning the whole thing. (Quick, cue the video)

In other words, your money is probably safer elsewhere. As seen on sports betting/news hub Betfair, you can apparently wager on just about anything, from obscure sports such as darts and snooker to international political races to crap reality television like “Big Brother” or even the weather. Yes, the weather. Seriously, you can bet on almost anything.

And at 259-to-1, anything is a better bet than the boys in red, white and blue bringing home the trophy. Let’s take a look at some far-fetched things that actually have a better chance of happening than Team USA winning it all:

The Minnesota Twins winning the American League pennant: 84-to-1

Minnesota Vikings winning the Super Bowl: 99-to-1

Vikings winning the NFC Championship: 29-to-1

California Chrome winning the Triple Crown: 5-to-4

Andrew Talansky (the most favored American) winning the Tour de France: 249-to-1

Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election: 5-to-4

Sarah Palin winning the 2016 presidential election: 79-to-1

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobucher winning the Democratic nomination for the 2016 Presidential election: 64-to-1

Ricky Martin being the winning judge on The Voice: 7-to-5

WATCH: Young fan gives pretty lady foul ball

If you want to see a young man who’s wise beyond his years, watch the video below.

Well played, young man. You’ve made us all proud and are clearly on your way to pimphood.

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Bridgewater drafted by the Minnesota Vikings

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Minnesota Vikings selected quarterback Teddy Bridgewater No. 32 overall last night. 

You had one job to do!!!

Twins’ ballboy can’t make play on foul ball. Takes it in the face.

[Busted Coverage]

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild Playoff Schedule


playoff schedule

Per the Blackhawks, here is a look at the Round 2 schedule between the teams with the nationally televised affiliate listed:

  • Game 1: Friday, May 2, Wild at Blackhawks, 8:30 p.m. CT, NBCSN
  • Game 2: Sunday, May 4, Wild at Blackhawks, 2 p.m. CT, NBC
  • Game 3: Tuesday, May 6, Blackhawks at Wild, 8 p.m. CT, CNBC
  • Game 4: Friday, May 9, Blackhawks at Wild, TBD
  • Game 5: Sunday, May 11, Wild at Blackhawks, TBD
  • Game 6: Tuesday, May 13, Blackhawks at Wild, TSN, CNBC (Directv 355 in Minnesota)
  • Game 7*: Thursday, May 15, Wild at Blackhawks, TBD

*If necessary

High Sticking Celebration

Wild win game 7 5-4. Take that Colorado!

wild high sticking wild high sticking 2 wild high sticking 3

Thanks Corey S.

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Referee fail compilation

Refs getting owned.


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