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Pete Carroll drive-through

Pete Carroll drive-throughBuy Super Bowl 49 stuff



Richard Sherman sums up the Super Bowl

richard sherman superbowl

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Who’s is up for cake?


A look back on the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl appearances


vikings super bowl scorevikings super bowl score 2vikings super bowl score 3vikings super bowl score 4

Never forget…

Super Bowl IV January 11, 1970 Kansas City Chiefs 23–7 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl VIII January 13, 1974 Miami Dolphins 24–7 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl IX January 12, 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers 16–6 Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl XI January 9, 1977 Oakland Raiders 32–14 Minnesota Vikings


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Key & Peele Super Bowl special

The best football players from the east and the west sound off before the big game.

Kelly Clarkson

I think their last jump shot was a little pitchy.

kelly clarkson

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Free Air Pressure Checks

Goodyear sign offering free tire-pressure checks for Patriots fans. Genius.

Free Tire Checks

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Winner By Technical Murder

He died doing what he loved… getting his face broken.tko

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Dad gets fired up a kid’s hockey game

I highly doubt this guy knew the glass would break. He’s fired up nonetheless.